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CuteEwok (somtimes known as "cuteewok") is a KidsTube user who makes the hit series "World Of Clay". He has also made a variety of other videos, such as "Me Playing ____", a "Let's Play" sort of series; "CuteEwok Tutorials" (coming soon); and this wiki page you are reading now!!! He also has a 3DS, and if you are in the right place at the right time, he just might StreetPass you! He's also a Brony.


On March 20, 2012, CuteEwok uploaded "World Of Clay: New Clay!". In less then half a year, his video got over 600 views. KidsTube dosn't have that many users, so for somthing like that to happen in such little time, it's not just anything. By popular demand, CuteEwok made another video called "Clay Battle", which is episode 2 in the WOC series. That video has currently only gotten 496 views, while "New Clay" now has 741 of May 11, 2013. Still, he continues to make more. On January 28, 2013, CuteEwok started his "Me Playing ROBLOX" series with "Be a Parent, Kid, or Pet".  CuteEwok continues to make more videos, but "World Of Clay Episode 1: New Clay!" is everybody's favorite.

Future RelesesEdit

CuteEwok will be relesing his new series "CuteEwok Tutorials", a series of videos to show how to do somthing. He also might be releasing a World Of Clay and "NightFall" video games, but hasn't started yet.