Glowb was a KidsTube user who joined in May 2013.  She currently is inactive.
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Glowb did mainly speedpaints of her fursonas, like Wolf Breeze or Alejandro.  Some of her notable friends are snoopster200 and Squinkieslover.  Occasionally, she would post tributes to Pokemon music.  Glowb may post some Let's Plays one day...


Date Joined: 5/13

Friends: SkipToMyLou , Itskayla , snoopster100 , Squinkieslover , purpleLPSlover18 , TieWorks , awesomness123

Videos Uploaded: 17

Groups: Unknown

Upload Rate: Inactive


Glowb is female

Glowb is 10 years old

Glowb s favorite kidstuber is spongeybrown 123 and his brother pufflefuzz123

Glowb uses Windows movie maker

glowbs disney create is petshopface