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Hello, and welcome to the KidsTube Wiki! Here, you can learn about all other members on KidsTube, including the moderators!

Dear reader,

This is the KidsTube wiki. KidsTube was a monitored video sharing site for kids. It, sadly, shut down around 2015. This wiki remains. We are still trying to find out why it vanished, and if there will ever be an awesome site like this again.

Okay. I just wanted to get something off my chest... KidsTube was my childhood... it really was... I want to get it back up. I'm going to be the new owner of KidsTube and create the new website. When I turned 11 or 12 I stopped using KidsTube. To be honest... well... lets just say I called people who used KidsTube a word I shouldn't use on here. But I've seen how amazing KidsTube was. It was what got me into making videos. And I still do (at my youtube channel GabePlaysGames). KidsTube has done me a big favor. It's time for me to return that favor and get KidsTube back up. Thank you KidsTube.

Well, then tell us when the site is up! (Sorry for trolling you guys do much) -The Troller

It is okay troller. You are forgiven. -GabePlaysGames

old kidstube members now on youtube: Fun6years -> stapmoshun, kidmariomario8899 -> GabePlaysGames (the channel that has the blue letters in the logo, people stole my name)

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