TanookiMetalLuigi218 is an active KidsTuber and a gamer. He has a Wii, 3DS/XL, Gamecube, DS Lite and an original Xbox. TanookiMetalLuigi218 also refers to himself as TanookiLuigiHD, despite his videos not being in high-definition.  He joined KidsTube on May 1, 2013. 


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About HimEdit

TanookiMetalLuigi218 is an active KidsTuber with more than 100 videos. He joined KidsTube on May 1, 2013. Back on May 5, 2013, his first video was "The History Of Video Games". It was about a year ago. He has a PlayStation 3. He has Minecraft, Terraria, Madden 25, and R.B.I Baseball 14. He has 14 friends on PSN. He joined PSN on Dec 25, 2013 (Christmas). His favorite thing to do is to play Minecraft and Terraria. He had over 1000 views (I believe) before the website shut down. His favorite sport is football and his favorite teams are the 49ers and Bills.

XTra FactsEdit

His PSN account is TanookiLuigi23.

His favorite YouTubers are paulsoaresjr, stampylonghead, PopularMMOs, TobyGames, chuggaaconroy, StephenPlays, TDM and Vikkstar123.

He has Minecraft PS3, PC and PE.

I dare you toEdit

Pssst! This is TanookiMetalLuigi218 editing this page! I dare you to get the Lucky Block Mod and defeat Bob, NO CREATIVE.

List of VideosEdit

The History Of Video Games

Forecast Channel Sparta Baseless Remix

Angry Birds Chrome: Part 1

My Own Wii Nunchuk

My Music Soundtrack "Low to High"

My Top 10 Favorite TV Shows

R142 (2) Train (Allerton Av- Bronx Park East)

Adventure Time Mistake

Super Paper Mario- Bloopers 1

It's Raining Very Hard!!

Windows 7 Start-Up 

Adventure Time Mistake

Sony Bloggie- Thrown To My Bed Test

Playstation 3D Unboxing

Nintendo 3DS/XL Start-Up Glitch

Trainz: My Style Coney Island Part 1

Super Smash Bros. Brawl- Easter Egg 1

Happy Halloween!

Cartoon Network- Good Night

Custom Song 2 "The Epic Beat

Trainz 13 Concept

You Just Got Rejected! (Alternate Title: That's Rock & Roll, Bro.)

R142A (4) Train @ Yankee Stadium (Bronx)

R142A (4) Train @ Yankee Stadium (Manhattan)

Skills Link: 3rd Edition- Page 120

R160A (E) Train enters and departs at 59 Street

I dodged the Hammer!

Roadrunner & Coyote- "Another Bat Idea"

My Song 3: "Cool Beat"

R142 (4) Train @ Yankee Stadium 1

R142 (4) Train @ Yankee Stadium 2

(33rd Video Special) I have a Sparta Remix

Sparta Trance V1 Base

All Cartoon Network Logos (1992-2013)

Wile E Coyote & Roadrunner- "Sail Fail"

Sparta Madhouse V3 Base

Sparta Paystyle Mix Base

Sparta Party Hard Base

R142 (5) and R142 (4) Train @ 77 Street

Sparta Galaxy Mix Base

Sparta Galaxy Party Hard Madhouse V3 Paystyle Hunter Base

Throw Test 2- Throwing the 3DS XL

The Marios playing around

Favorite SportEdit

NFL Football

His favorite NFL football team is The San Francisco 49ers. His friend is AquaGGR.

On March 2, 2014, He updated his name to FireMario6.